Vinay Kaushal is a Composer, Guitar Player and Music Educator based in India. He is an alumnus of the Musician’s Institute, Hollywood (GIT). Having grown up in a musical family, Vinay’s playing boasts of a unique stylistic versatility with a repertoire that includes genres like the blues, funk, jazz, rock and fusion. Having always enjoyed composing, Vinay writes music with intricacies that are rarely stumbled upon. His guitar recitals have a unique artsy accent to them, while his compositions are discerning of his individuality.

Vinay officially endorses Fender Musical Instruments and Ernie Ball Strings in India and has been affiliated with both since 2015. He released his debut album “Naked on a Train” in January 2018 and has received accolades from some of the top names in the music industry.

He has performed at various venues in Los Angeles including the prestigious Wiltern Theater. Blue Frogs, Hard Rock Cafes, Shisha Jazz Café and the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai along with festivals like NH7 Weekender and Sula Fest have been some of his favourite performances in India so far.

Vinay is all about writing and composing original music and is associated with quite a few popular acts. He is the principal songwriter of the Vinay Kaushal Collective, a vehicle for his own compositions, and also for the popular Indian Fusion act Empty Café. He is also affiliated with a number of other projects in varying capacities. When he is not touring or playing gigs, he works as a music producer and composer with several projects under his belt including music production for independent artists, sessions for films and composing music for a well-known online children’s educational channel amongst others. He is also a music educator, giving lessons in music theory and the guitar to individuals seeking a professional career in India’s music industry.


Solos from the National Center for Performing Arts

Short live snippets of Vinay’s playing from the the Experimental Theater at NCPA, Mumbai



Solos from the Shisha Jazz Sessions

Short live snippets of Vinay’s playing from the Shisha sessions




Guitarist Showreel

Here is Vinay improvising in different genres and styles of funk, rock, fusion, jazz, etc. Guitar nerdiness personified.



Music Videos

White Strat Blues

A Drop of Golden Sun

Build Up